Saturday 10 June : 10:00am to close

10:00am : Family Program
Location : Rogers Hall, 400 High Street

We’ve got a family friendly program of shorts to start your day. From fantasy to animation, to heart-warming drama, to comedy … a great way to connect with your family.

The Dragon’s Scale James Cunningham
10 min New Zealand

Papaunderwater Welf Reinhart
8 min Germany

Light Sight Seyed M. Tabatabaei
7 min Iran

Relentless Tayanna Todd
6 min CA

Amidst the Trees Mohsen Nabavi
11 min Iran

Midnight Oil: The Making of a Mural Laura Lewis
25 min Texas

Girl Meets Germs Chris Freeman
7 min CO

In A Dream Edina Kishonthy
17 min CA

The Man Crush Richard Louprasong
10 min MN

The Trip Fields Cage, Caleb Voth
60 min OK

For the past 35 years, Jeff Voth has led his sons and other groups of men on an annual backpacking trip into the Colorado Rocky Mountains. “The Trip” has become a legendary, masculine benchmark. Learning life-skills, trout fishing, extreme physical fatigue and the sharing of deep heart-felt secrets in a sometimes beautiful, sometimes terrifying alpine backdrop has etched this event indelibly into these men’s lives — they have become better men because of The Trip.

1:00pm – 4:00pm : Filmmaker Panels
Location : s2o, 410 Main Street

Filmmakers, we’ve got you covered with workshops at s2o and a filmmaker lounge all day at Ax and Oar. See Events Page for workshop details.

1:30pm : Outdoor Adventure Program
Location : Rogers Hall, 400 High Street

There’s a program of outdoor sports films to thrill, amaze and even amuse all ages in the afternoon. Celebrate the natural beauty of Colorado with adventurous trailblazers.

Following the Shadows at Pawnee Buttes Craig Stevens
3 min CO

Pursuit of Beauty AJ Oscarson, Kassia Binkowski
5 min CO

Pike to Peaks 2: Norway Brody Leven
8 min UK

Freedom of the Wheels Jon Grassberg
19 min CO

Wild Owyhee Dan Holz, Evan Kay, James Q Martin
13 min CO

Surviving the Fundy Footpath Craig Norris
41 min Canada

3:30pm : Cannabis Program
Location : Rogers Hall, 400 High Street

Cannabis, it’s a revolution. It may not be legal nationwide but the cannabis industry is legal in many states and countries. See how one man in England battled stigma and the law, all while battling a serious illness.

A Space to Call Home Murphy Martin 
15 min USA

Grassroots: The Cannabis Revolution Dale Beaumont Brown
I hour, 16 min UK

Clark French is 30 years old and has Multiple Sclerosis. Every day he battles, not just against the debilitating nature of his illness, but against social stigma and the law. He doesn’t treat his MS with conventional medication; he self-medicates illegally, with cannabis. The Cannabis Revolution explores the extent one man has gone to help change the laws in the UK.

7:00pm : Evening Feature
Location : Rogers Hall, 400 High Street

You’ll want to boogie in your seat as you watch a documentary about a prolific bass player that you didn’t know you knew! Nathan East has performed on over 200 records and won numerous Gold Records.

Nathan East: For the Record Chris Gero
1 hour, 22 min USA

A music documentary about the greatest bassist you’ve never heard of…with interviews from famous musicians you know and love! “Nathan East: For the Record” chronicles Nathan’s three decade plus career from when he hit the road age 16 with Barry White, his session and touring work across musical genres and membership in the legendary jazz quartet Fourplay to his long-awaited solo album release. His album spent four weeks at #1 on Billboard’s Contemporary Jazz Album chart.

9:00pm : BBQ, Beer and Live Music
Location : Ax and Oar, 160 Main Street

Dance on down to Ax and Oar, where there’ll be BBQ, Beer and Blues to celebrate our second festival night. Live music outside under the stars…and great conversation.